About Mikkel Bækgaard

I am an experienced freelance journalist, photographer, and communication consultant. I work with a very broad perspective of clients ranging from travel media and food magazines to The Danish Association for Alzheimer's disease.

I was originally trained in media communication and before I choose to live as a freelance journalist and communication consultant, I worked in several Danish ministries as a communication officer and web editor. 

As a journalist, I write mainly articles about food and travel - also in English if needed - but once in a while I also focus on other subjects. One of my major clients is, for instance, trying to help patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

I do mostly all my photos myself and I have a long list of clients using my photography skills. Food is my main focus when it comes to photography, but I also shoot photos for other clients, for instance for a webshop with fertility products.

Examples of work in English

Once in a while I do work in English for different clients. Here is a couple of examples: